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28 October 2015

wishlist | my autumn colours

first of all, a disclaimer: i do not use affiliate tracking on any of my wishlist posts, though i am well aware there are many of you (lis)(sarah) who go out and buy a lot of the things i show here. that's awesome. i love knowing that i share the same tastes and styles with a bunch of people, and genuinely smile when i am tagged in instagram pics or tweets about your purchases when they come out of something i've introduced you to. although i currently do not use affiliate tracking, maybe i should start? what are y'all's opinion on that then; making money from you lot? not a lot of money, mind, but i am in two minds about the whole thing. i don't want you to feel used in any way if/when you click through to something i've picked, and i make a few pennies out of the sale. i personally find affiliates a bit tacky, so i'd like to hear some of your thoughts, if you don't mind!

on to the real show then. autumn; winter; what a dull time to be a human wearing clothes, right? wrong! although i am not a biiiiig fan of "autumnal colours" (tan, brown, mustard? ew no.), there are a few shades i feel i can blend in from the current season's styles to my current wardrobe, and make it all that little bit more "current". berry is one of them. berry goes super well with pastel shades - almost all of them, and seeing as i have a lottttt of pastel in the old cupboard, berry and wine are autumnal shades i can get on board with.

same goes for grey marle. we established recently that i've been wearing a lot more black than normal, but i think the phase is wearing off. i am finding myself drawn to the charcoals and the marles of this season's fashion, and i think this is a change for the good. black on me was fun for a bit, but now i look at myself, apricot hair, black clothes, and i genuinely don't recognise myself. well, i suppose that was the idea, right? the catalyst of my quarter life crisis (i should be so unlucky) was that i hadn't looked any different in about ten years. well! now i do! joke's on me! but seriously, grey is ok.

(well except that i found out my new favourite coat comes in black too! oh dear. like i had £130 for even one of them, now i have to decide which of the two i'm never going to be able to afford to buy. woe! life is a cruel, cruel beast sometimes.)

and then there's obviously pink. or, "nude" as we're told to call her during the cooler months. or "dusty rose" according to one site. i'ma stick with pink, ok. pink's a colour i have committed too year-round, and i think i'm pretty flexible with it. sure, there's a shade for every season, but that sure as shit doesn't stop me wearing neon pink in winter, it just means i have to time it well, yaknow? you know. so, except with the addition of white from time to time, this is the palette you'll catch me wearing over the coming months. are you as excited as me?

what are your seasonal colour changes - do you even have one, or did i make up a thing?

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  1. Affiliates? Yes. Think of it as a finder's fee! Love all your choices, especially that Aztec skirt! <3


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