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12 October 2015

some happy things

i have been living in dietary hell this week - actually since i went to turkey, and so this week hasn't been the best as far as feeling good goes, and i've been laying lowww until i'm back to health. my landlady has the decorators in at the moment, painting the house, and allofthethings were moved into the kitchen, thus making cooking difficult. i'd been eating microwave meals for the week returning from holidays, and because i'm so used to fresh and healthy food (at home at least), my stomach basically just gave up on me and went noooooope

i was on water and soup and dry crackers for the last few days of last week, and feeling really flat and exhausted, as well as bloody sore from coughing and sneezing all week long - oh yeah, did i forget to tell you i have a cold playing the long-game at the moment? no? oh, that's weird. it's probably because you're sick of hearing of how sick and tired i am and i'm sick of saying the same things over and over again. so from now on, i will refrain. because there's always a silver lining, right? like:

the first coffee feeling: is there any better feeling? before i headed off on birthday holidays, i ordered some incredible white chocolate flavour coffee and an eight-cup cafetiere, and when i returned it was waiting for me on my desk. aaah yes, magical healing coffee, i love you so.

taking on the tiger: on tuesday, katy and i rose to the challenge at tiger tiger (i know) in london, and attempted to eat the newest addition to their revamped kitchen: the tiger tower. it had three types of meat in it, and came with a shot of jack daniels and a bottle of bud. it was a challenge to say the least.

breaking the rules: so, i gave up snacking for stoptober. sweets, chocolate, crisps, popcorn; gone. except when in leeds i accidently snacked because sweets. and macarons. and then little shaun came up with a brilliant loop hole for our month of fasting: if it's a gift (or prize) it doesn't count. this loop hole clause was put into effect on wednesday when some weird chocolate landed on my desk from bonny scotland; haggis spice. suitable for vegans, so no actual haggis thankfully, just those yummy spices used to flavour it. it was... tasty! i probably would have said that about any chocolate after a week and a half of none of it though, so.

clashing colours: having bright hair has made dressing really hard, because a lot of my clothes are bright too, and it's just been... a lot to get used to. working out how to wear colours again (and not just black allthethings) has been funnn and making me happy in the mornings.

holiday planning: usjfjdkdlwk. i have almost nine days of holiday still (still) outstanding for thus year and i don't know how, or how i'm going to take them. i've just booked a week off either side of christmas to spend with friends in manchester and edinburgh as well as a long weekend this coming week for a solo trip to bournemouth, but i'm at a loss as to how to use the remaining days. i can carry five over, but i don't want to, because i've never not been able to use them before, so what's my excuse now? a week off to explore london could be fun, right?

unicorn hair (finally!): omg so yeah, the hair's been a bit iffy since i had it done. everyone's been really nice and complimentary though, and objectively i know it was really nice and looked good. but i didn't really like it, because it didn't turn out how i had in my mind, and it was very... bright. but, i went back in on thursday and sat through a second attempt and now i am in pastel heaven! it's the perfect rose gold, it's the strawberry blonde of my dreams, and exactly what i wanted. could not be more happy! more on this news to come.

drunk in l...ike: *sings* i had a daaaate. i drank far too much gin on not very much stomach contents (naughty), and i may have kissed a boy (err... man. that would be creepy otherwise) on the tube platform for far too long (or not long enough if you were the weird guy watching it happen) on friday night. and i have heard from him since, and there has been a second date already, and he's cooking me dinner this week, and... he's nice! and not a dick head! they exist! so there! he's probably going to read this too, so, watch this space...*waves*

the perfect nude: on saturday i headed out for sustenance, and in between stocking up on diet coke and toilet paper, i stumbled across a new kate moss for rimmel lippy shade i'd not seen before. and even better, it was only a flippen quid. my local pound stretcher has a range of sample rimmel products that have misprinted labels or are discontinued colours, and they're all a quid. i love having a nosy in there when i'm out shopping, because i never know what i'll find! this week's find: #104 - the perfect autumn nude.

new shoes and pink leaves: as my faithful old boots started to fall apart i began my search for a replacement pair - harder than expected. but nevertheless, i picked up a pair from boohoo a couple of weeks ago and finally broke them in on saturday. and in some pretty spectacular terrain too. love autumn, bloody love it.

olivia burton: i wished for an oliva burton watch in my birthday wishlist, and as luck would have it, it turns out my friends are incredible and do as they're suggested, and i was giddy with happy when i opened this beautiful watch on my birthday. i've not really had a chance to wear it yet, but i threw caution to the wind and just bloody wore it at the weekend. it's so damn pretty, and matches my hair, and is the perfect shade for autumn. arm candy for the win!

sunny london days: said second date was mainly wandering east london in the sun on sunday, and my my wasn't it brilliant weather for it. from the museum of childhood in bethnal green, to pulled pork fries in the sebright arms, and topped on with a wander by the canal and a stop in victoria park, east london really outdid itself weather-wise on sunday; it was lush to be wrapped up, but still needing the sunnies. best kind of autumn day, eh?

so tell me guys and dolls, what's been making you smiley this week?

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