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20 October 2015

wishlist | falling down black holes

coat | flats | jumper | bag | boots | dress

there's certainly something to be said about site cookies and targeted marketing, because how else do you explain me spending almost two hours on the house of fraser website today, after falling into a sidebar advert black hole because of this one yumi dress that i still haven't bought. anyway, two hours later and i have (window shopped because pay day isn't until friday) myself quite the full basket, wouldn't you say?

i saw the blue yumi coat on the side of a bus recently, and decided that - even though it is blue, it needs to be mine. it's probably not the most flattering of shapes for me, but is there anything about a winter coat that's very flattering? no, exactly. i genuinely love the colour, and the retro style and fur collar are really spot on. plus, how perfectly does it look with the mela dress?! katy wore it over on her blog recently, and i have been one smitten kitten since. maybe... maybe she'll give me hers?

so i somehow then ended up looking at michael kors shoulder bags because: of course i did. and then michael kors watches. what am i even like? like, those bags are lush, but what am i going to do with a £200 bag? nothing. that's what. it would never leave the house. i would be terrified of getting london muck on it, and it would end up being a really expensive paper weight or storage jar in my room. not ideal. that jane normal metallic version? much more me. 

hurrrrrry up pay day, mama needs a new coat (no she doesn't).

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  1. I'm so jealous of your solo adventure, id love to be able to go away somewhere by myself for the weekend, it'd be great being able to do what I want when I want ... maybe I should make a plan!


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