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28 November 2015

big bang data at somerset house

"emails, selfies, shopping transactions, google searches, dating profiles: every day we're producing data in huge quantities. our online activity, alongside that of business and governments, has led to a massive explosion - a "big bang" - of data. this radical shift in the volume, variety and speed of data being produced, combined with new techniques for storage, access, and analysis, is what defines the proliferation of data. it is radically reshaping our world and is set to revolutionise everything we do.

data today gives us new ways of doing things: from scientific research to business strategy, politics to social interaction, our new data-driven society that has the potential to be more fair, stable, and efficient and yet it also created a tools for unprecedented mass surveillance and commodification. data access and usage rights, along with the value they compromise, are at the heart of many concerns.

big bang data explores the issues surrounding the datafication of our world through the works of artists, designers, journalists and visionaries. as the data explsion accelerates, we ask if we really understand our relationship with data, and explore the meaning and implications of data for our future."

the exhibition runs from next thursday, december 3rd through until february 28th, and i for one am excited! i don't "get" a lot of art, but digital design and creation and the evolution of the digital age is something that piqued my interest long before making the move into my current job - one that relies on data collection and distribution, so this is something i am really looking forward to checking out.

tickets info can be found here. is this something you'd like to see yourself this winter?

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