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30 November 2015

some happy things

this week's been a bit of a slumpy one for me; i've been a bit down in the dumps, which makes thinking about all the things that have made me happy this week a little bit harder than normal. thank god for the camera roll, eh? always there to remind you of the good (and bad) and happy moments you've chosen to capture to remember at a later date. like:

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas: and i started to panic about christmas presents as, pre-tuesday, i'd literally bought zero. finding unused gift vouchers in my purse as i was hunting for something else, i jumped online and sorted a few out quick smart, then popped into oxford street to pick them up after work. let me tell you this: click and collect is a wonderful thing, if only you didn't have to still go in-store to collect items. what's that? they can deliver them to you for a nominal fee? yes, but then i'd miss out on seeing the christmas lights that i'd so far only seen on the internet. pretty!

pay day treats: we made it through another month you guys, we bloody made it! pay day morning treats are always: a large starbucks, flavour du jour (this week's was toffee nut latte - of course), and  a bit of cake. this week the cake was subbed for home made treats from the bearded baker, which - in many ways, is certainly a lot better. pay day mornings are a thing of beauty, aren't they? living the dream of not being broke again.. for a hot minute at least.

good news for the squad: some of my bangarang babes shared some good news with the squad this week, and it's hard to feel sorry for yourself when you're feeling nothing but pride and happiness for some of your besties. the girls i surround myself with are a constant reminder of how lucky i am, and how i ought to count my blessings instead of wallow in self pity. my friends > your friends. 

home town pride: on thursday night i caught up with liz and we went to a sampling night at one of our local pubs - the signal in forest hill. i rarely get invited to blogger events in the south - despite having my location written across all my social media, so when i do, and they're close enough to walk home from, i feel like i've really made it. more on this to come this week, as i have loads of great things to say about my night there, and i'm sure you're already bored of reading this. never the less, it was a greeeat night.

my work pals: are another constant source of hilarity. even when the work is stacked and the time is running out, these guys never really stop hyping "us" up. this week we had thanksgiving dinner at nicole's, where we ate mexican food and drank american beers and watched christmas films and just had a great night. it's rare we all get together outside of work, but when we do, we do it right.

london reunions: on saturday char came into london to hang out with me and come to the coffee with curry's blog event with me at holborn's the fable. ok, so i kinda, sorta got us lost on the way there, and she kinda, maybe had to walk back past two stations she'd travelled through underground, but the venue was worth arriving early at - that's for sure. the decor was very "down the keyhole", and it was super quiet in there so we basically had free range of the place while we waited for the event to be set up. more pictures of that to come... i took a lot. standard.

pizza: because: pizza. jess, char and i headed to pizza union in king's cross after the event and had a late lunch before heading our separate ways. pizza is life. pizza is everything.

a new do (ish): and then i went to bex's in stoke newington and abused her a) salon talents, b) big tv, and c) the fact she is still in london by getting her to bleach my roots while i watched xfactor and ate nepalese food. winner winner curry dinner! i've put a bit of lilac and a bit of rose in it now, just to keep the ginger at bay, but i'm liking the fresh roots! i might wash the colour out and just have blonde fade to rose gold... kind of loving it at the moment! fyi - bleach london home bleach kits are foolproof.

a good book and lay in is a great reason to stay inside: sunday's weather was so gross. so windy, so cold, such a good reason to have a lay-in, finish my book, and drink all the coffee. then watch all the netflix. am i right, or am i right?

i hope your week's been full of happy; tell me, what's been your highlight?

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