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20 November 2015

style | midi-year

it's been a year of midi-skirts for me. well, i've worn a few, anyway (here, here and here, and pining for this one here), which is strange and unusual because i've always kind of believed them to be "the wrong length for me" and opting for either mini or maxi in all my skirting endeavours. what i have learned this year, in my foray into midi-skirt wearing, is that it's all about the shoe. more importantly, the height of the shoe.

i spotted this black pleather midi skirt online at george recently, and i thought it could possibly be the ~perfect winter skirt. it's thick, ergo: warm; it has pockets, ergo: useful; it's heavy, ergo: wind protection; and it's long, ergo:...well, extra wind protection. all excellent reasons to invest in another midi skirt, right? although, i'm still not entirely sure it ~is the right length for me because i still think the skirt cuts off at the widest part of my leg, but i do think with a chunky enough heel to give some length, all can be forgiven.

skirt c/o george | jumper : topshop via ebay | boots : primark

these boots - now worn in, have firmly positioned themselves as my current faves. although i have them in both black and brown, i am way more likely to opt for the tan in this style as i think after the year i had in wearing black boots, a change is as good as a holiday. the heel is the perfect height to give my legs a bit of length behind the longer-length skirt, as well as pop of seasonal colour while the leaves are still changing colours. i'm sure the black pair will get their day in the... rain... soon enough.

what's your take on the midi-skirt; are you yay or nay this hem-length trend?

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