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23 November 2015

some happy things

with a week to go before pay day, this past week has been a little quieter than most, but still no less impressive. random bouts of happiness, and not-taking-life-for-granted shout outs to:

/ crunching through the various shades of leaves in crystal palace park on monday, where i decided to go to blow off some steam, and walk with the dinosaurs in the changing light. having not been to the park in almost two years and needing to get my congested head out of the house for some fresh air, i knew a walk in the park would do me good. i was right, surprise surprise.

/ hair goals achieved! since my hair was touched up and perfected by rockalily cuts, i have bought one singular bottle of rose hair dye from bleach london, and it has lasted me three use, and about six weeks. which is awesome. but also not, when it's supposed to last up to ten washes, but i'm so pleased with how easy it seems to be to maintain the perfect peach. it's just a shame my hair's growing at a rate of knots, because the amount of regrowth around my forehead is way unbecoming. 

/ fluffy jumper weather is upon us again, and i for one am pretty damn happy about that, buuuut, it's only november! it's too soon for this cold weather snap, and although i am am wardrobely prepared, i am far from emotionally or physically prepared. but, at least i'm fluffy and snuggly , right?

/ recently i discovered a ticket website that gives you access to some of the country's newest theatre shows and other such gigs, for nothing more than an administration fee. it's totally free and easy to sign up to my box office, and there's a whole heap of events and shows to check out once you're a member. on wednesday night, jamie and i headed to the st. james' theatre in victoria to check out 'pig farm' - or at least, the first half of 'pig farm', because we were starving and i was distracted because my stupid phone had broken, but... the first half though, funny stuff.

/ neon blue poison disguised as cocktails, delicious pizzas, and underground wine bars in victoria sure do make for a decent wednesday night, don't they? after we left the theatre we went for a wander up buckingham palace road and into maverick, where we apparently couldn't walk past their 'pizza and cocktail' deal...despite the cocktails tasting genuinely like...lighter fluid. nothing that blue should be fit for human consumption, and yet...

/ on friday night rebekah and i headed over to the taste of london, for some food sampling, beer drinking, and to cook up a storm with some celebrity chefs. maaaaan alive, it was freezing, but getting involved with the cooking, learning new skills, drinking the fancy champagne... all very good ways to enjoy your friday night!

/ i had one of those "if you don't laugh, you'll cry" moments on saturday when i fiiiinally woke up (late) and made it out of the house, only to find that the overground wasn't running past shadwell, making my trip to spitalfields completely foiled by rail replacement. not wanting to get involved with that after suuuuch a late start, i decided to head to the scandinavian christmas markets in rotherhithe instead. i'd seen it advertised on facebook, and the event page had - oh, about thirty thousand attendees, less than ten percent i expected to run into on the day. colour me foolish. making my way from the station, i ran into a hoooaaarrrd of people, crammed into the food market in the street, and another couple lined up to get into the market itself. then i realised i had no cash on me, and the line for that was another twenty-people deep, then - as i started to freeze to death in the two-degree frost, i decided to go home. empty handed. what a clever waste of time!

/ on sunday rebekah and i had a lady date that took us from the house of peroni in shoreditch to the diy art market in dalston, to the hackney picture house in, well, hackney. the last time i was at the house of peroni it was dark and i was pretty drunk. day time photos proved much prettier, so very happy to have been able to go back for an agro dolce in the absolute freezing day time, instead of the absolute freezing night time. the art market proved to be a very weird experiment that i'm not entirely sure we benefitted from, but we were able to nab a few easy christmas presents, which was ace. then it was time for the mockingjay. i was not prepared for part two. i re-watched part one a few weeks ago, and even that didn't prepare me for part two. because when i read a thing, and am passionate, or furious, or angry about something, my brain builds walls for me to block out the bad so i can focus on the good. it defends me by not letting my imagination run away with me. clearly, that only happens to me, because there were some scenes in that film that were waaaaay worse than i remember them being, so whoever wrote that screenplay has some serious issues.

and that brings me to today. i didn't sleep well, am bloody tired, and am freezing my ass off, but i have high hopes for this week - hopefully next monday's list is more exciting!

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