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3 November 2015

style | seeing spots

dress c/o george at asda (old) | hat c/o asos (old) | bag + boots : primark | leather jacket : very old

i am genuinely unsure if i have featured this dress on there before, despite having it for about a year now. i was gifted it late last year in time for the #georgechristmas dinner up the shard, but wasn't so comfortable wearing it back then as it was a bit figure-huggy and i was a bit unhappier with my bo-day then. nevertheless, i kept hold of it because it has so many excellent qualities - polka dots, long sleeves, a high neck, knowing it would come in handy one day. that day is nigh! now that it's less figure-huggy, it's perfectly flattering on, and i love it! what a welcome addition to the autumn rotation.

and now that i've had to completely retire all of last year's comfy boots, it was time to replace them. i found these boots in primark for a measley £15 in both tan and black, and not wanting to decide which would get more wear, i bought both. so whaaaaat, i'll wear them both, until they fall apart. ~this has been proven. unlike this hat, which i have (now) worn a total of two times in my life. and, now that it matches my head, i am unsure it will get another outing.

it is slightly to big for my peanut head and blows about in the wind, which is not ideal. i love the splash of colour it brings to the outfit though, so... perhaps i will reconsider its place in my autumn wardrobe. but then again, while my hair is so fricken amazing, why would i want to hide it away?!

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