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5 November 2015

the earlybird gets the worm

i don't normally buy into the millions of subscription boxes out there on the market, because - as much as i appreciate the ease of something being delivered to my doorstep without so much as a thought from me about ordering it, i don't often have a very easy-to-please style or taste, making a lot of the boxes very hit-and-miss for me. that, and i already have a pretty big collection of "stuff and things", and don't need a monthly box adding to that mess.

but, foodie ones i can make exception for. especially healthy foodie ones. especially healthy foodie currently-crowdsourced and socially conscious ones, because i do admire the courage it must take to launch a new product into a market that is already monopolised by similar and well-known brands. and to do it well.

meet earlybird. the team at earlybird believe in doing good for the community, and doing good for their customers. because of that, nothing is hidden; every ingredient is shown, and it is easy to pause or cancel your subscription. ~that is their philosophy. ~that allows them to make sure their customers gain the best experience from the moment they join to the moment they leave, and right through their subscription as a tastemaker.

the crew have an insatiable curiosity - an innate need to discover more and discover better. when developing new products, this is always at the forefront of their minds. they scour the world to find the best ingredients for their snacks, and search the internet to find the most talented new artists and musicians to fill and decorate the tastebox. always fresh - it's their promise.
i've had two boxes now, and i'm expecting my third and final this week. the first two went down a treat in the office - especially as we'd all given up "junk food" for stoptober, so having some healthy snacks at our desk was just what we needed. the tasteboxes come packed full of snacks, teas, as well as access to a well curated music playlist and a tasteful original print inside of each of the boxes. the information booklet contains all the information you need to explain what you're eating, drinking and listening to, so there's literally nothing more for you to do other than sign up to become a tastemaker (only one pound right now!), and start enjoying the benefits yourself!

so, what are you waiting for? what could be easier (or tastier) than joining up today?

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