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9 February 2016

because it's pancake day

what started out as a purge of luxury ingredients before forty days of 'almsgiving', has been turned into another of those hallmark days where consumerism wins once again, and the world is encouraged to eatallthepancakes! hey, i ain't mad, i love pancakes as much as the next person; from the tender age of... well, really young, i'd mastered and memorised the recipe for edmond's pikelets (kiwi/australian recipe for mini-pancakes) and was sure that if my mum died, i'd be ok because i could live entirely on them, happily (except r.i.p. mum!), until the end of days.

these days though? i don't nearly eat enough pancakes. so, in the week as my instagram and bloglovin' and twitter feeds are inundated with allofthepancakerecipes, there was one in particular that called for only two ingredients: one banana and two eggs. now that seemed like a challenge i was not prepared to overlook. bonus points for being toooootally healthy, too.

now, i managed to mess up a betty crocker shake-and-make pancake mixture last year, so i had zero expectations of making this "recipe" actually work. i use "quotation marks" there because, would you call the advice to "blend one banana and two eggs for two minutes, and pour into a pan on medium heat until brown" a recipe? no, me either. still, i had prepared myself for another cock-up, and readied myself for the disappointing realisation that my cooking skills were regressing to pre-teenage when all i could muster was cinnamon toast or boiled eggs... at a stretch.

so colour me surprised when the first attempt - the one usually destined for ritual sacrifice to the pagan gods, was successful. and by successful, i mean legitimately a success. it was not under or over done, it was not stuck and burnt to the pan at any point, it did not bubble or squeal, or look like pig slop on a plate. it was the epitome of the perfect pancake, and the best part: it was actually delicious. in my happy excitement, i managed to recreate that perfection another five times - that's right, two eggs and one banana made six medium-sized pancakes, that i threw some maple syrup on and devoured in about four minutes flat. worth. every. mouthful.

happy pancake day, world!

(the post was originally published in february last year, but.. still relevant!)

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