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17 February 2016

wishlist | thawing out

sunnies | dress | sandals | trousers | bag | sleeveless top | bikini top | crochet top | jacket | dress

oh my god, i need to thaw out my bones. it's desperate times here in the uk at the moment; last week was apparently the uk's average snowiest week (statistically speaking, as there was none), with ~actual snow dished out over the weekend up north, while down here in london it's just been bloody freezing. patches of black ice and clouds of frozen breath greet me on my journey to work, while my colleagues are greeted with a streaky-faced me after i'm done wiping up the stream of icy tears that insist on ruining my morning commute to work.

i've talked about needing a summer holiday before, but after seeing bex's holiday snaps from her trip to new zealand recently, i am more and more certain i'm booking a cruise. and soon. with italy on the cards next month, but no respite to the icy weather in sight, i need something sunny to take my mind off the despair i'm feeling currently because of the constant cold. i've been looking; travel zoo, planet cruise, living social; they all have last minute deals advertised for a variety of cruises...so many options, so many price variations, so little time.

while i do my research and price comparisons just to make sure i'm getting the best deal for my dollar, i'm going to outfit plan. because there's nothing that makes your body warmer than the concept of buying summer clothes... in the middle of winter. but, being out of tights will actually be nice. i suppose. i can't really remember life without tights. midi dresses and cropped trou are the way forward on my cruise-adventure, with some comfy (and, you know, wide fit) sandals for my day trips on the mainlands. i don't like being submerged in water, but when i went swimming back in portugal last year, i didn't hate it as much as i said i did, so my window shopping ~has included swimwear... for now. i found some suuuuper pretty bikini separates in house of fraser, which i was shocked at because... it's winter. hats off to whoever is genuinely swimwear shopping at this time of year.

i have so many seasonally-inappropriate items in shopping baskets across the internet right now, waiting for me to push the button to make this idealistic holiday dream a reality. what i need to do first is do some research and comparison on the deals that are available at the moment. i want to know what i'm in for when i book, and i don't want to be sprung with hidden charges when in on board - like wifi. someone tell me there's internet on-board? i would genuinely love to hear from you though; have you been on a cruise, or read a post about someone who has? please do link them to me below - i need all the help i can get right now!

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