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3 February 2016

wishlist | made in italy

necklace (similar) | bag | shoes (similar) | skirt | top | jacket (similar) | sunnies | purse

i am off to italy (!!) in six or so weeks with the captain, and i am so excited. i am in the need for some comfortable shoes for the amount of walking we're planning to do while we're there, but - it's italy! i need to be chic and feminine and classic and all those things that i've always dreamed of being but never really had the need to be, so i don't really know where to start. after rome we're off to venice for a few nights too, and i found out recently that you're not allowed a wheely case in venice? like, they've been banned or something, because of the noise they make on the cobble stones? i dunno, i'll have to check my facts before i go because otherwise i'll be in the bacpack squad again, and that means a lot less clothes than a wheely case, and i'll need to source one pair of shoes that will be practical for all occasions.

i bought my first pair of trainers recently, and while they're super comfortable, they just aren't very versatile. i think i'm the only person who thinks that, but i just really don't think they suit me - or my "style" i mean. like, trainers and tights? not a thing. trainers and bare legs and a dress? totally fine. but, it's going to be cold in march still, like low teens i think, so i'll be in tights. i have a few really pretty midi skirts which are pretty versatile as if it's warm enough it will lose the tights, but i'm wondering if a trainer-esque type shoe will work. like a tennis shoe or a plimsole maybe? comfortable to walk miles in, flat, and still cute enough to wear with tights and a dress... what do you think?

i'm also hoping i can save a bit of room by not taking a full coat. i warm up really easily when i'm walking for ages, and it will be coming up to spring so i am hoping i can get away with just my leather jacket rather than a winter coat - as long as i layer up underneath anyway. a black biker jacket is way more chic than a quilted long-line coat with a fur-lined hood, and definitely just as versatile. there are a few weeks before i really start to consider packing of course, but it's definitely got me starting to think about my italian capsule wardrobe, and what pieces are going to come with.

if you've got any suggestions on the footwear front, i'd love to hear them!

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