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5 February 2016

style | ladies who brunch

jumper*: river island | bag*: apricot | boots*: boohoo | dress: primark

on sunday i was out to brunch with katy, and decided to dress up a little for the occasion. i'd been out early the day before, getting a(nother) massage and then spent the rest of the day running errands and doing personal admin, so it was nice to get some real clothes on again. and as good of an excuse as any to debut my new most-adorable bag, so i threw caution to the wind (and rain) and went a little over the top with my outfit.

this ted baker-esque dress is one i've literally had for years, and it doesn't fit me any more at all. i mean, sure: it obviously fits, but it's so damn big now. it's one i've had through so many different shapes and sizes, that it's now so far out of shape that i can only wear it with a jumper over the top, hiding the shame of the excess fabric bagging around my waist and arms. just as well i scored this cropped jumper in the river island sale, eh!

and the bag, can we talk about this bag! i've been coveting it for months, and when i saw it hit the sale recently, i just haaad to make it mine. it's a lot bigger than i was expecting it to be, which is great actually because it fits my headphones and a book in there too, which is totally going to be handy in the spring when i transition to using this as my every-day bag instead of lugging the backpack all around all the live-long day (the backpack currently being the only thing that feels comfortable to wear with my thick winter coat). 

before i left the house i also threw on my cupcake coat - totally unprepared for the abysmal weather outside, but at least i looked adorable as fuck while i was running between shelters, trying to avoid the spitty rain...

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