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24 February 2016

wishlist | mad for monochrome

brunch sweater | dungaree dress | midi dress | bag | boots | skirt top | pinafore | backpack

hey look! some more black stuff to add to my wardrobe! i still can't quite believe the difference a few months had made to how i've been dressing, but she who never used to wear black is now firmly a fifty shades of grey wearer now. it's the hair, for sure; i can't quite find colours to work with the many club tropicana shades that appear on my head from one week to the next, and so suddenly black ~does seem to be the ~easy option. because: it legit ~does go with everything.

similarly: pinafores; gimme. i already have a couple of plain ones in my arsenal of dresses, but i am suddenly hankering for a dark grey denim one. do my "dress like a toddler" tendencies have no limits? apparently not. plus, with a loose-fitting one like the one here i can easily wear some cool men's t-shirts or breton stripe tops or rad ribbed polo-neck tops underneath, which will mean my crappy old jumpers will finally get a rest. 

is just me or are we all sick of jumpers right now? it's funny that i can seamlessly pull out a wishlist posts once a week with a list of items as long as my arm of pieces i really like, then as soon as they're in my possession, or i'm in-store to try them on, i either can't find them or they just look like shit on. i haven't actually bought-and-kept an item of clothing in months, which means that i am wearing battered and tired jumpers and dresses, and i'm desperate for something new and fresh to wear. that polka dot midi dress is soon-to-be-mine, and i ~pray that it a)fits and b)suits me, because i have loaded a ~lotttt of hope into it being my saviour for spring. should it ever turn up, i mean. hurry up spring, etc. 

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