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20 March 2017


as in, killing it until it dies an untimely death. i'm not very trend-driven and i don't usually buy into fashion "hype", knowing it will no doubt be gone in a few months, not to return for another twenty years, but i was willing to give embroidery a try. and not least of all because boho is my go-to trend for summer, and embroidery screams "boho" to me, but.. new look have gone too far!

i was in-store recently picking up (yet another) order (wait until you see what i got!), and before i could even get to the click-and-collect counter, i had to trawl my way through a whole department of embroidered products. if it's a thing that's made of fabric, it's now embroidered. tennis shoes? embroidered. crisp, white shirt? embroidered. sheer, tulle dress? embroidered! and why? for fashion?

i hardly think that making every item in your store follow one particular trend is very wise - especially as there are bound to be people who aren't interested in wearing sewn-on flowers on their work shirts. or their boots. or their chokers. although - unpopular opinon: if they're one of those people who didn't live through the 90s the first time around and still insist on thinking they look good (they don't), then they probably do actually like them embroidered. what do i know.

i do know that i'm somewhat of a hypocrite, because i actually bought that grey embroidered jumper. i've been eyeballing it for a while (it's from last season) and now it's on sale, so i was fulfilling a desire of mine, not buying into the dream. or maybe i was, who knows; individually, i do really like everything i pinned above. like, if one of those things was in store, not all of them in one store, i would buy them all. but, merchandised with embroidered jeans and embroidered jackets and embroidered hats, i just feel a little bit... bored.

what about you? are you feeling overwhelmed by this "trend"?