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27 March 2013

w.i.w.t :: snow day blues

the newest of the blue dresses found hanging in my wardrobe is this pretty cath kidston inspired denim tea dress i picked up on that crazy mother's day at westfield. after seeing on instagram that both liz and kim had scored this dress - and for only a tenner, i knew it must be mine (the three of us own practically identical wardrobes, so it's safe to rely on them for these sorts of things) and i went hunting!

i hadn't actually tried it on until sunday when i wore this out shopping locally, and my my... it is short. even in a bigger size than normal - and i am not a tall girl, it felt a bit... breezy! i adore the vintage rose pattern on the dress though, and blue is my new thing so i knew this one was a keeper despite the length.

the dress also gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my gorgeous rose crown that i picked up on sale from crown and glory last week. i didn't think i would be able to wear it before spring came to play, but with the snow on the ground and ice in the air i needed a cheering up! i popped the crown on, grabbed a cardigan, jacket, gloves, scarf and 100 things that needed returning and jumped on a bus for some retail therapy!
dress:: primark
western belt:: new look
ballet flats:: primark