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22 November 2013

eating out // london // burrito cafe

last week boyfriend and i hit up the burrito café just off charing cross road, after finding a groupon deal for two burritos and two sol beers, for a lousy nine quid. nine of your great british pounds. so yeah, we headed over after a spot of shopping, and tucked into our deeelicious mexican wraps.

with a choice at every step of the way; plain rice/tomato rice, refried beans/red beans, pork/chicken/beef, the outcome literally was personalised to our individual tastes. boyfriend hates any kind of salad in his, while i love it. for an extra pound, i even had guacamole added to mine. guacamole that was full of onions. eurrgh. (fyi - onion intolerance means i can't stomach them for very long... eep!)

our burritos were absolutely delicious. we both went with a pulled pork and chicken combo, and the flavour was just to die for. slightly tangy but perfectly cooked, the wraps were incredibly full and bursting with flavour. yum yum yum. it was a terrible shame about the onions, because, if not for them i might've enjoyed my burrito a lot longer than i did. ahem.

there are i think two burrito cafés in london;  this one by covent garden/leicester square, and one in king's cross. the one we went to is right by charing cross station, which makes it super accessible and easy to get in-and-out and onto a train home. dangerously close, in fact... we'll be back, burrito café, we'll be back...

have you been to burrito cafe? what did you think?

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  1. anything pulled pork. Yes. just yes.

  2. this is my idea of a meal! i don't really do posh restaurants, haha so this is right up my street x


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