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6 November 2013

w.i.w.t :: argento + alice

pendant c/o argento // cardi :: dotti // skirt*:: asos // belt :: gift // wig*:: annabelle's wigs // shoes :: new look 

when faced with an outfit dilemma because of a new piece of jewellery, what do you do? clearly what i do is dress up as the character on the new accessory. it seemed like the only option, really. so, this is me, dressed as alice, to welcome home my new alice watch pendant from argento.

there are so many shiny, pretty pieces in the karma collection, so it was hard to pick my favourite. if you read my app-reciation post, you'll know that i have been reading lewis carroll's 'alice's adventured in wonderland' on and off for the last few weeks. as soon as i saw this alice pendant on the argento site,  i instantly had this overwhelming desire to disney bound as her, so i was fairly sure that this was going to happen...

as i rummaged through my bazillion pieces of clothing on saturday though, it became increasingly obvious that i don't really own that much alice-esque clothing. patterned dresses and colourful shoes galore, but not a simple pair of white socks or white pinny in sight. i did manage to find this pretty powder blue skirt that i bought from asos earlier in the year with my prize money from a blogger comp, and i figured that was as close as i was going to get to alice's blue dress. i teamed it with this cute white cardi that i picked up in australia last month, and added a bit of pastel personality by way of the bow belt. because alice is blonde and i am obviously not, i added the wig for pseudo authenticity, but... i don't think lewis carroll intended for her to have a dodgy ombre jobbie... so, apologies mr. carroll.

it's not bang-on, but i'm pretty happy with the way my alice turned out. thank you to argento for giving me the opportunity to play dress ups in my wardrobe on a dreary saturday afternoon!

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  1. OH GOD I LOVE THAT NECKLACE SO MUCH. I'm adding it to my Christmas list! Although I have far too many Alice In Wonderland things already... That wig looks awesome on you too!x

  2. You look super mega cute my dear... xxx

  3. First of all...you are a total babe!
    Secondly, I need that necklace! Totally love Alice in Wonderland, super super cute. What an awesome brand! xx

  4. I'm not sure if my last comment submitted, but it went something like this:
    Firstly, you are a total babe. Uber cute.
    Secondly, I need this necklace. Amazing.

  5. I heart heart heart this outfit

  6. nice outfit inspired in that Tale i love all about Alice!!...so you're lucky enjoy it!!

  7. You look really good with hair like this. Do it.


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