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23 November 2013

review // carex protecting hand cream

when the smashing folks over at carex asked if i'd be keen on trying some of their new hand cream range, i was in no position to say no -- as the weather gets colder and colder, my hands get drier and drier, so really this was a godsend.

the newbie range is small enough to keep nice and close in your bag, and has quickly become my handbag hero. both of the tubes now also contain an anti bacterial gel, making these a great remedy for the old wash hands/anti bac/hand cream regime. the cream is light and non greasy, and once massaged into the skin, locks all the goodness in and doesn't leave nasty, sticky prints on the phone screen, or other shiny things (very important detail).

ok, so the packaging could do with some work, and is perhaps slightly lacking in the 'pretty looking tube' stakes, but since these bad boys arrives, the girls at work and i have been obsessed. the new range comes in two fragrances; nourish and protect with extra vitamin e, and hydrate and protect with soothing aloe. easy to say that these two creams easily strike a balance between protection and pampering, tackling both germs and dry skin head on. nice and easy! nicely priced too, at £2.49* just about everywhere.

do you suffer with the dry hands like me? have you tried the new carex range?

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  1. I used a different brand of handcream that also had anti-bac in it. It was horrible! Left a film on my hands. Definitely in the market to try this xx


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