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26 November 2013

review // chocolattttttteeeee faaaaaaaacccceeeee

on thursday, a massive box arrived for me at work with only my name on the label. no return address, no stamp to say where it had come from. nothing. i cautiously opened it, with carmen's "it might be gwyneth paltrow's head" warning in the back of my mind, but all i saw was a shit ton of bubble wrap. pulling that out, i found this; a giant, pink organza bag.... full of delicious chocolate treats!

these samples of mars' newest products arrived just in time for the weekend, and boyfriend and i wasted no time getting stuck in and trying out each of the flavours and working out our favourites. in the bundle were these new chocolate thick shakes in three flavours; mars, malteasers and galaxy caramel (available at asda, £1* each). tasting just like the chocolate bars we already love, these shakes were thick and creamy and beyond delicious. boyfriend's favourite: malteasers, my favourite: galaxy caramel (even lactose intolerance couldn't keep me away). 

also in the bundle were the most awesome things; new chocolate squeezy spreads in milky way double stripe and galaxy with hazelnut. chocolate spreads! (available in sainsbury's, £1.99* each) now, the tubes suggest you use this on toast, in a sandwich, or over a dessert, but... i had better plans for mine; while boyfriend mixed his favourite -- the milky way spread, with ice cream and biscuits, i melted a heaped teaspoon of the hazelnut spread into a mug of frothy coffee, and it was sensational. it was the perfect pick-me-up as the reality of sunday night set in. best news still; there's still a whole two tubes to get through! yum yum!

the other favourite product of mine were the new look at taste mocha lattes (available in asda and tesco, two for £2*) - one single shot, and one double shot. i took the single shot along with me on my st. albans adventure on saturday, and it definitely had enough pow in it to keep my energy levels up while and my despair at being lost in the countryside at bay (more on this another time!). the chocolate milk was so smooth and creamy while the coffee flavour was sweet and velvety. it was the perfect train companion. the double shot was reserved especially for monday morning. you know what i mean...

and the final and probably least impressive products were the new look galaxy taste instant hot chocolates (available from all major supermarkets, £2.59 each*). we are already big galaxy hot chocolate fans in this house; boyfriend likes them as-is and also on vanilla ice cream, but i like a heaped spoonful in my coffees instead of sugar. so, these have been added to the stash we already have in our top (treats) cupboard. they will see us right through this god awful winter, and excuse me now while i check myself in to fat camp starting april 1st.

have you tried any of the new range? which is your favourite product?

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  1. Ohh you've made me crave chocolate! YUM!
    Gold Dust

  2. The iced coffee is to die for! Love it x

  3. OMG - what do you have to do to review chocolate - I want to be you - Lovely review. I now want to taste it all


  4. Oh my, I now need chocolate! The spread in coffee sounds amazing! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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