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19 November 2013

interiors // green with bathroom envy

source :: pinterest // edited by me
hanging out on pinterest bums me right out. there are hundreds of thousands of images of these lovely homes, perfectly curated rooms, diy havens, and then there's me -- sitting in my one bedroom flat full of thrifted wares, half finished projects, and chain store accessories, thinking... pah! it's just a little bit soul destroying. unless you use it for good -- for exactly what it's supposed to be used for; inspiration. knowing that i won't be buying my own home (or getting my hands on an original mid century bathtub) for a verrrry long time, i guess it's only fair that i be able to lust a little over things i can change in a rental property... well, sort of...
mirror // wallpaper // mixers // sink + tiles // storage // towels // bathscreen
the one thing i despise the very most about my current bathroom set up, is the show curtain. it's just so gross. we actually have two; one on the inside of the tub, and one on the outside. i hate the way the curtain clings to my body while i'm showering, so my theory there was that with two curtains the friction would be reduced. it's kinda worked. i still hate it. so, first on my list of bathroom improvements is a lovely fixed screen, like this shower enclosure from mira showers. the perfect way to keep the water inside the tub, and keep those damn flimsy curtains off my legs. *shudder* (there's also a really helpful tool to help you pick the best type of shower enclosure for your space. will be using that!)

the other annoying thing about my bathroom is the lack of storage. and when i say that, i literally mean, there is no storage. besides one small shelf above the sink, there is nowhere to keep toiletries, cleaning products, fresh towels -- anything! it's ridiculous! so, second thing on my agenda is to get some bad boy cabinets like these from very.com in there to hide all of my bathroom secrets.

now, if i could redecorate the bathroom in my flat, i'd keep the walls white and the decor pastel. i love the idea of the one 'wet wall' and the floor in plain white tile, while the rest of the walls would be wallpapered in a pretty floral print like this one from monsoon. i'd make sure that the towels and accessories tied into the colours in the wallpaper to keep the theme in tact -- unlike the current mish mash of off-white walls, black and white tiles and lumpy, lifting lino across the floor. eurgh.

is there a room in your house you could just live without?

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  1. Euugh shower curtains! They are useless. They let more water out the bath than in. I like your choice of wallpaper, very pretty. X

  2. Shower curtains really don't work, well I don't think so anyway....... A nice glass shower screen will do the trick. Changing things like the taps and the wallpaper can really transform your bathroom and it can be as cost effective as you want it to be.

  3. i'm agree with you view allhdwall.com


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