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1 November 2013

isle be o'wight

(sorry about the laaaame title, ha!) a couple of months back, before our trip to australia, we wanted to take a summer break here in the uk. nothing fancy, but something beachy, and brighton - being on our doorstep (so to speak), seemed 'too easy'. instead, we really wanted to get out to the isle of wight. boyfriend has never been himself, so i took to the internet for advice; twitter was awash (water puns!) with love for the tiny island, so it was decided! we would head south for a weekend, and explore all of the wonders that the isle of wight had on offer.

then... time - and the weather, got away from us, and now the idea of a seaside break seems like a wash out (more water puns!). so while i plan our trip for next summer, let me share with you my five *must do* things to do on the isle of wight!
// camping on the beach // i'm not a big camper, me, but boyfriend loves the idea of bunking down and camping on the beach. there are loads of places to camp on the iow, and red funnel have a really nifty camper's guide to the island, brimming with ideal locations. i'd probably negotiate my way into a chalet or a caravan park at the very least... camping is very far down my list, while it sits comfortably atop his.

// owl and monkey haven // "home to a collection of diverse rescued primates and birds of prey, the haven has been designed with its inhabitants needs and requirements taking full priority." i hate zoos. they're so meeean. all those big animals in tiny exhibits or sanctuaries just makes me sad. to know that this haven is helping rehabilitate injured animals in a spacious and relaxed environment, makes me happy! i wanna go! monkeys!

// dinosaur isle // dinosaurs! you can take guided tours from the venue around the island to known paleontological and archaeological sites, as well as less fun fossil and landmark walks. there's also the dinosaur expeditions centre at the site of the former dinsosaur farm museum, where you can spend your time on a fossil hunting adventure!

// arreton barns // for all your crafting, pubbing and shopping needs! arreton barns has a traditional english village feel to it - parts of the barns date back more than 1000 years! inside the village is a real ale pub, and 12th century church, a duck pond, villagae greenm tonnes of craft rooms, glass works, farm shop, sweet shops and a leather works centre! phew! sounds like an easy day out, don't you think!

// carisbrooke castle // ah, i do love a castle. the exhibits in the museum relate mainly to king charles i - who was imprisoned in the castle for the last year of his life, and are made up of personal relics, documents and remnants of the civil war period. other displays in the museum are more iow centric, with bits and pieces aging as far back as the elizabethan era... 

so, lots to see and do - plenty to keep us busy over a seaside getway, wouldn't you say? now we just have to pray for summer to roll back around quicker than it did the last year. i am loving this autumn already, it's true... but i still long for weekends that aren't too rainy!

have you been over to the isle of wight? what can you recommend for us to see and do?

*written in collaboration with brand*

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  1. I've only been to the IOW for the festival, which was pretty good, ALWAYS sunny amazingly! Enjoy if you get there. x


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