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11 June 2015

w.i.w.t | black, like my heart

i was so excited to wear these adorable smoke and gold heart pumps out yesterday when i met up with lynsay and gary in shoreditch, because they truly are a black-tights-girl's best friend. truth be told, i don't own black shoes that aren't boots, and that's because black shoes are the dullest and more boring shoe a girl can own. i mean, i wore black lace-up shoes every damn day of my life from ages five to 18 when i graduated school, and even then, i had to wear black lace-ups to work. when i left my first job, i swore "no more black shoes!", and - save for a couple of slippy pumpy thingys that barely lasted a season, i haven't. 

buuuut, for someone who primarily rocks a pair of black tights on the daily, black shoes are a must. it's a real conundrum, here. black tights beg for black shoes, but i just detest them. i often choose a bright ballet flat - something to compliment my outfit, or a leather or metallic as a neutral. god bless a tan shoe, you know what i'm saying? so when daniel footwear offered to send me these black pumps by melissa, i momentarily hesitated. black. blaaaack. what would i wear them w-- oh right, everything. they'd go with ~everything in my wardrobe that wasn't already of the patterned variety. and believe you me, that particular niche is a strong one.

melissa shoes c/o daniel footwear | ted baker bag c/o repertoire fashion | dress : ebay

as if the deliciously-scented and soft charcoal rubber pumps being totally comfortable and easy to wear (except for one disgruntled bunion-esque character on my left foot) wasn't enough, the pixelated gold heart atop the toe just makes these girls the prettiest black shoes i have ever had the pleasure of owning. i realise we've discussed that that particular list is very short, but the fact i chose these over some of the other glam and sophisticated shoes on the site certainly screams volumes about my thoughts of them over others.

i am one smitten kitten over these beauties, and i suspect you may feel the same way.
what are your thoughts on a basic black shoe?

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