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4 June 2015

w.i.w.t | i am not a trouser person

trousers c/o george | tee : h&m | platforms c/o new look

last week we learned i'm not a trendy girl. we learned that i look good in pastels (not news) and that i have great taste in coats (also not news), but we definitely all agreed that i am not a trendy girl - in that, "fashion trends" are not for me. i am very much set in my ways - my skater dress and polka-dot ways, and anything outside of that is a little bit out of place on me. and that's totally ok, right. but it certainly doesn't stop me having a good old fashion try.

i'm heading to portugal tomorrow, as mentioned over the weekend, and in preparation there was a lot of trying-on-of-things to make the summer heat more bearable while abroad. one thing i figured i'd defffffinitely be able to pull off because of previous positive attempts, was palazzo trousers. i have one pair already that i absolutely love, and so when i spotted these printed trousers* at george at asda, well... i was sure they'd fit the summer holiday bill quite nicely. 

and then... i wore them. and they are massive, so i pinned them. then they sat at a weird place on my body, then they sort of...~bunched in another "weird place" on my body. and then they made me make this face that you can see above. so yeah, maybe these palazzo trousers are ~not going to be coming with me on holiday, which is a shame, because i am in absolute love with the polka dot print and the lightweight fabric, and i am tossing up about whether or not i take a chance and buy the smaller size.

what would you do?

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