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17 June 2015

wishlist | accessory to desire

i realised something startling the other day: i haven't bought a new handbag in well over a year. not since i started at talented talkers, as far as i can tell. d'ya remember last year when i was all 'scallop bag' this and 'satchel bag' that, and there was a new bag-like accessory popping up here at least once a month? yeah, well, somewhere along the way, that's seriously stopped happening. i've been lucky - certainly, and had a few lover-ly ones gifted my way, but as far as actually popping out and buying myself something new? hasn't happened in a long time. and why? well, probably because i literally now have one for every occasion, and one  in every colour-way... or so i thought.

as if that ted baker beauty up there was not ~made for me. it's a tote, so slightly bigger than i'm use to, but it would be perfect for fitting my laptop and book in for the commute to and from work, as well as it being utterly beautiful, of course. the gorgeous pastel peonies are basically crying out for the touching, and - based on the quality of my other ted baker number, i know it's going to be worth the spend. with my birthday on the horizon, it's definitely made it's way to the top of my wish list.

and then there's the seashell. i know i'm way more of a unicorn than a mermaid (don't like being submerged, me), but that pretty, shimmery, scalloped shell is also dying to join my collection. think of all the summer dresses that would go brilliantly with that pastel piece - i know it could give it a good home! and while we're on the topic of 'pastels' (when are we not?)... those platforms. i have them in black and neon yellow already, and knowing how utterly comfortable they are, i now desperately want them in pale blue. i don't even ~like blue, but i adore these shoes. 

the lilac sandals are a style i really like; across the top of the foot, and not between the toes. i have a wide foot that can ~sometimes look misplaced on a leg, and so anything to try and keep the obvious width at bay is a welcome addition to my shoedrobe. plus, they're lilac, and super prettily scalloped around the edges, which is another bloody obvious choice for me, i know. consistency is key (!) which is why those flats are another obvious choice. the heart over the toes is so reminiscent of my current melissa addiction, and the light tan colour makes them the perfect shoe for those tights-less days (yes, they exist). 

i've not bought pretty accessories in such a long time, but i reckon it's time to start.
what say you? are you an accessory fiend, or on a style hiatus like me?