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22 October 2015

netflix and chill

curses to all of the online dating and internet uses who have claimed my favourite pastime as a sordid turn of phrase; 'netflix and chill' is easily my number one 'thing to do when i'm tired and finally have a day or night to myself', and certainly not in the same way the internet would have you believe. so i'm here to reclaim it for the relaxing and self-indulgent activity that it is! 

i'm here to take back 'netflix and chill' and reinstate it as a wholesome pastime, to be enjoyed solo, in the comfort of one's own company; on a sunday morning with a hot cuppa and a tin of biscuits, on a friday night with an entire four-cheese pizza and your favourite beer, on the night before payday with a cup of super noodles and the last glass of juice - however you do it, just sit down and do it! we got this!

and on that note, here are a couple of other things i think need reclaiming, that need taking the taboo away from, and making totally bloody "ok" again, without any kind of judgement. why? because i'm a bit bored of having to explain to people why i think it's ok to do these things, when i do them. obvs.

1. to be on your own: whether it be on holiday, or at the pub, or at the cinema - there's absolutely nothing wrong with being by yourself. being alone does not mean being lonely, and i think there's something to be said for choosing your own company over that of other peoples. big headed? maybe. but - as the old adage goes, how can you expect someone else to love you if you don't love yourself? 

this totally goes for being single too - at whatever age. to borrow another turn of phrase, but i personally think it's better being up on the shelf than stuck in the wrong drawer. being single is more than ok, and allows for better opportunities for personal growth, career development, travelling, and a whole host of other fabulous things. sharing these things with friends and family (or, cats) is just as nice as sharing them with an other half. 

2. to cancel plans: just make sure you ~do cancel them, and don't just ~not turn up. if you have plans to meet friends, or have a work meeting, or attend an event and genuinely can't make it then let them know! i get cancelled on a lot - personally, and professionally, and you just learn to get on with it. actually, we tend to build a drop-out rate into events, and there's always one friend you know will probably cancel before you do, and that's totally fine! but, be honest! 

so you forgot, fine. tell me. you don't want to come anymore? ok, but tell me! don't be that person that just doesn't turn up and acts all obtuse about the plans that everyone else remembered, because that's far more infuriating that having to find another date in the diary that works. and if you're anything like me, and plan things a month in advance, sometimes you can't help but double book. it will always be hard to cancel on people, and that's because people tend to take it personally. well don't. there's absolutely no need for that. when someone tells you they can't make your plans, it's not because they think you're awful. it's because they can't make your plans. end of.

3. to have a duvet day: had a hard week and want to spend the day in bed, snuggly blankets at the ready, netflix cued up, and all real-life worries ignored for one whole day? fucking do it. you are an adult, and you know how to prioritise. *clearly this is not advice for parents or carers or people who have people depending on them in their every-day lives, but for those of you who can do it, should do it. and do not feel bad about it. 

you do not have to explain to anyone why you deserve a day off from chores and life admin, when you spend fifty hours a week commuting, working, and putting up with people who make you tense with anger. when you get the chance to unwind and chill, you've got to take it, right?

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