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16 September 2013

beauty on a budget

i know. hardly a groundbreaking concept, but i just find that with all the 'high street make-up' talk out there at the moment, we probably all need to settle down, reconvene, and discuss our options. you know i'm cheap budget conscious. you also know i'm no beauty blogger, so if you're after some gospel advice, you've come to the wrong place, friends. i'm here to give you my checklist on how to save some money when it comes to my beauty basics.

1// guess what? there are cheaper options out there. i figure the high street creme blush or extreme lengthening mascara is probably made in the same way as the drug-store alternative. and guess what else? the drug store one is half the price. be smart ladies; embrace the collection concessions, make them your friend. in the past i've found some of the own brand collections better quality and longer lasting than some of their branded counterparts - and even been known to find some bargain branded bits in my local pound shops. shop around, you never know what you might find. my best find? a sally hansen nail varnish in 'mint tea' that i picked up in poundland. you do the math.

2// shop the promos. there's one thing i won't be budged on brand vs budget, and that's foundation. i've got problem skin, so i don't know how my skin will react to new products. i'm a devotee of rimmel's lasting finish, and i probably will be for some time. when i know it's time to re-stock, i wait til the brand i so dearly love is in a boots/superdrug bogof offer, and then buy. you know those offers come around every couple of weeks, so it means i never have to wait too long until it's replenished. these bogof deals mean that i can splurge every now and  then on a branded product, without having to break my own budget.

3// do you really need it? so what if it's 3 for a tenner. do you need them? my shopping motto is: it's only a bargain if you need it. sure, it would be nice to have a new eyebrow pencil because your other is pretty blunt, but here's the kicker; you can sharpen pencils. you don't need to replace it! lipstick nearing the end of the bullet? use a cotton bud or lip brush until it's all gone. be thrifty with the bits you already have, it'll save you a fortune.

4// don't be fooled by the packaging. it's the same thing as last season, in a new outfit! trust me, you already have that gravity-defying and ultra-fat-lash inducing mascara, except now it's in pink packaging, when last season it was purple. those nail varnishes you're holding? you have them! they were called something else last season, but you have them! maybe not in 'green berry' but definitely in 'melon berry'. put down that new long-lasting lip lacquer in number four - you already have 1-3, and they're the same shade! honest!

look, i am 100% a shopping addict. i buy things i don't need - all the time, but i also have the sense to know when i dont need something. beauty products for me are a bit of a bone of contention; i love to look nice, it's true. i just can't justify the prices in a lot of high street beauty stores, and so for that reason, i'm still yet to own anything by mac, benefit, or other. i'm thrifty in my nature, i just don't like to spend that sort of money when i know i can do just fine with the dupes and knock offs that keep the beauty industry churning. apologies if you found this complete faff.

what about you? brand vs budget - what's your take on things, i'd love to know!

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  1. There are so so so many cheaper versions of makeup out there. I've never ever in my life bought high end makeup until just recently. I only bought it because I wanted to spurge for my birthday on some matte palettes and I bought them off an internet app, not the actual retail store. Normally, I totally reach for budget beauty because I know I can spend my money on something else, like a tattoo (:

    I had a little series on my blog where I talked about high end products vs. budget brands and gave reviews of the products I liked. I really love NYX products. They are cruelty free + have a lot of great dupes for mac products.

    Thanks for posting these tips.

    1. thank you for sharing! i'll be checking out NYX next i think! x


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