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15 September 2013

the unexpected package

on friday i arrived home to a package with my name on it. odd. i never ever get parcels delivered home, i always always get them delivered to work. there's always someone there to sign for a package, to let the courier in, and... well, there's more chance it won't go missing at work. i checked the sender details on the back... nothing i recognized. boyfriend laughed, thinking it was something i'd ordered and completely forgotten about (it's happened before). i assured him that no, it couldn't be, i'd remember (wouldn't i?) something like that, and again - wouldn't get it delivered home.

he wanted to open it. no, i replied. it's mine, i want to open it! i dumped all my gear on my bed, took my shoes off, and sat down to inspect the package. with no hints taken from the handwriting (label) or return address (somewhere up north), i ripped the end off and looked inside. two black boxes looked back at me, and i was still no clearer on what it could be.

i grabbed for the invoice, and looked it over. my name, my address, and an itemized description of the contents. there was no card explaining; no note from the supplier with a name. i was truly stumped, and beginning to panic that i'd gone and ordered something in my sleep - hoping for my own sake it wasn't bloody expensive and could still be returned!

then, i turned the invoice over and saw the darndest thing. ordered by mrs. kim l and an address i'd recognize anywhere. it all started to make sense. the sneaky little miss over at what peggy said had only asked me a few days earlier what my new address was - i assumed she's be sending a birthday card. i had no idea to expect a birthday treat! finally relieving myself of undue stress and concern over the package's purpose, i hurriedly opened the boxes to find the most beautiful laser cut necklace and earring set of, like, ever.

this little treasure from punky pins couldn't be more perfect for me. the first thing i said to kim, was that i thought she had designed it herself as it was so similar to my blog header (which she did design herself!). she replied back with a laugh, agreeing that she thought the same thing and knew it had to be mine. the wee love heart earrings are the perfect accompaniment, red and glittery, and perfectly twee. that little thing knows me so well.

i cannot wait to wear the necklace with everything now. it's going to liven up the most mundane day, and keep me bright and floraly right through winter now too.

what do you think? is it the perfect 'being erica' necklace?

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  1. Awww how sweet :)

    Lovely Present!!


  2. Ah it's so amazing! What a cute piece and a thoughtful friend!

  3. That has made me feel awesome! So pleased you like it! I like being a scheming friend sometimes...x

  4. That has made me feel awesome! So pleased you like it! I like being a scheming friend sometimes...x

  5. What a lovely surprise!

  6. That's so thoughtful. Unexpected surprises are always the best :) x

  7. What a lovely surprise! The necklace is gorg x


  8. Oh my god, I need better friends! This is amazing, it's so perfect for you xx

  9. That necklace!!! So so cute! You are one lucky girl my dear!

    Emma x


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