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3 September 2013

w.i.w.t :: gettin' shirty

skirt (from pinafore) :: dahlia // shirt :: thrifted // belt and shoes :: primark

as much as i love this shirt, it's not all that flattering. neither is the skirt. and in hindsight, this was perhaps not the most flattering outfit i've ever worn, but. that collar. my power collar. i felt invincible all day long in this shirt. i thrifted this last weekend from east london thrift store, and just had to wear it. being a lovely 80s number though, it's 100% flammable polyester - so it was hottttt. the rolled sleeved provided some respite, as did my desk fan, but i liked it better with the sleeves rolled down; it was almost like it was made for me - they were the perfect length!

although definitely too-big in the body, and semi-snug across the boobs, this is fast becoming my favourite shirt. the colours! the collar! the pattern! ah, it's love.

what do you think? a good find?

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