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27 September 2013

the ultimate birthday dress ( + bon voyage!)

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happy friday, happy birthday and a big bon voyage to me! today, boyfriend and i are off to australia for a couple of weeks and - before you get these grand ideas of us sunning ourselves on boundless golden beaches, think again! this is my first trip home in almost three years, and boyfriend's first. our 8 days in adelaide are already jam-packed full of outings, catch ups and - as warned by my mother, days spent cleaning out my old room. after adelaide we're on to melbourne for more of the same, but less of the cleaning. we're gone right up until the 13th of october, and i'm pretty sure we're going to need a holiday to recover afterwards!

okay, so, if you follow me on  twitter you will have seen that during the week, one of my favourite brands ever released their new range. in it was this dress. this dress, that was named after me. after this blog! it's not even a lie! this dress is called the i'm being erica dress, and if you love it too, and you use the code new15, you can take 15% off it and have one like me (mine's in the post, wah!)! because i'm in love with a dress, and because it's my birthday, and because i'll be stuck on a place for the next 24 hours and can only dream about a birthday party, i'm going to virtually wear my best birthday outfit for you today.

as i write this i pray that boyfriend had secured these pink mary janes for me, because now i've seen the dress with my own eyes, i absolutely neeeeeeed these to pull of my party outfit. i already have those sunnies and a similar bow from crown and glory, so i'm basically set now! so while i'm trapped inside a giant, metal bird, i will be dreaming of this outfit...

have a fabulous few weeks if you're reading this, and i'll catch up with you when i get back!

erica x

please don't forget to enter my birthday giveaway with thanks to the oriental magpie too! oh and ps, i've got some fab ladies stopping by while i'm away to post in my absence, so make sure you're friendly and leave them lots of love. they're doing me a huge favour by helping me maintain my blog schedule, and deserve a massive round of applause x

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  1. So cool that you have a dress named after your blog! I hope you have an amazing time in Australia!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Ahh Erica, that dress is perfection! Somehow it's going to have to work it's way into my wardrobe! I hope you have a fantastic time back in Australia, and I am so sad that you'll be so close and yet I won't get to meet you :( Hopefully that day won't be too far off! Also, it's a bit sucky that you're spending all your time in the cold part of Australia. Up here it has been so warm and sunny, but it's apparently still a bit chilly in Melbourne xx

  3. Aww I hope you both have a lovely time! And it's so awesome that that dress is named after you and your blog! It's beautiful! xx

  4. congrats about having a dress named after you! that's so neat! i love the dress as well!

    lindsey louise


  5. wait, was the dress really named after you? that's so awesome, congrats!! it's gorgeous, and i bet you look gorgeous in it :) xx


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