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29 September 2013

the very best birthday present to myself, ever.

isn't she saaaaaaah pretty!? so, you'll remember i posted this wee roses and clementines diddy in my birthday wantlist last week, but as i went to publish that post, i found out that it was the last one in stock... and for six whole pounds, and with a free shipping code all thanks to lfw, well... she was mine. she arrived during the week, and i just love her!

she's so well made too, despite being really fragile and feminine. plus the's made of the perfect shades of favourite colours, and with my newer, darker locks, she will take me right through winter. since i'm growing my fringe out, keeping things interesting on top of my barnet is difficult.  well, no longer!

i loved my crowns in summer, and now i have my winter crown sorted (let's be real, i will buy more)! so happy!

what do you think of the bun crown?

please don't forget to enter my birthday giveaway with thanks to the oriental magpie too!

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