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22 September 2013

review :: rimmel lasting finish by kate moss

you might have seen this post over on amy's blog art of the heart last week, but for those who didn't... here it is! oh also, it might seem a little hypocritical after my beauty on a budget post earlier in the  week, but... whatever man.

i was hanging out in superdrug with carmen on payday, when i stumbled across the 'bogoho' (buy one get one half off) deal on the rimmel concession. i'm about four hundred years too late to the party with the apolocolips range, but i love the two i already have (nova and celestial) so i grabbed at the last 'apololiptic' in the display, knowing it would be perfect with the dress i was wearing to a wedding the next day. deciding what to get half price was the hard part; another apocolips shade, or something else?..

something else; enter lasting finish by kate moss. i already own shade 20 which i freaken love, but is reaaaaheeeaally bright and not very trans-seasonal, so i grabbed another. i uhm'ed and aah'ed over the various shades, and settled on number five. it's pink, but not too bright that it won't suit a more muted make up palette come autumn.

i've worn this a number of times since picking it up a few weeks ago, but you'd never know it; the bullet has kept it's shape despite the number of uses it's endured, and still glides on with ease. the colour is rich and creamy, and definitely has staying power, and the best bit? it freaken smells like cherries!

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  1. 05 looks great on you! I really want 107 but can't find it anywhere!

    -Trina ♥

  2. It looks great on you. They've always been on my list of things to try but I've never got round to it. X

  3. what a great haul.. the lipstick looks really pretty <3

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

  4. ohhh that looks a great haul! the lipstick is a gorgeous shade :)


  5. Ooo I just bought one of these! Not entirely sure what shade, I can't remember >.< I guess i'll know when it gets here! x


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