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20 September 2013

friday favourites

during the week i read an article by a woman who described herself as 'shopping bulimic'... then i realised she's basically describing me. i just saw a photo of myself so bad it made me want to change my entire life. two words ladies; privacy settings. how was blogging changed you? bre shares her story. pie is all i want to eat too, jensen ackles. pie is all i want to eat too.

the gorgeous emily shows us how to wear our vintage scarves, with added glam! have you read about lynsey's time in the blogcademy? billy jean is rocking this outfit! the tulle is stunning. i love nora-lily's photography label over at hello you, do you? oh, and what about annika's black and white edits of her day at coventry cathedral? speaking of shoots, vicki's pre-wedding shoot is so original and quirky!

shannon's having a wedding nightmare. (this is why i'll never get married) oh, speaking of weddings, you might've seen the one and only rock'n'roll bride mention a 'colourful kitsch' wedding on thursday? yeah? well, it was kim's! she's basically famous now!

this infographic by kaleidescope that kim of sweet monday shared is interesting... which category do you fall into? i'm all about the bright, baby. do you crochet much? i tried earlier in the year, but this beginners guide by autumn makes me want to try again... i also want to try these specially brewed teas... for your hair?

kailey at mermaidens drew the new dear creatures range. and.. i want to buy it all! you can see her post here and the actual range here. i am one smitten mod kitten!

that's it from me, folks! have a fab weekend, ya here!

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