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8 February 2014

d.i.y // wooden bead necklace

i picked these goodies up from tiger a few weeks ago, and totally forgot about them until my spring cleaning adventures on saturday. i got a bag of wooden beads with instructions on how to make a necklace, plus all the bits and bobs included to do just that, all for the tiny sum of £1. 

that's right, one of your great british pounds.

considering i only used eleven beads to make one necklace, i'd say there's at least another ten necklaces in that one bag, which... i'm not mathematician, but... bargain. there was quite a big range of beads and other jewellery-making paraphernalia in there too, so i'll be heading back there pretty soon to snap some more up. i used to be quite the beadstress about a hundred years ago, so it was fun to get back in the saddle a bit.

looks like i've got a new hobby on my hands.

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  1. Eeeep, this is so cute! I love little sets like this x


thank you for your comment, you lovely thing you.