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21 February 2014

interior // mid century living

d'ya want to know something? i hate primary colours; i find them dull and too obvious. i'm a pastels girl; a spring (southern hemisphere) baby. but my mum loves a muted colour. all earthy and shit, like oranges and browns and greens. loves them. so much so that, growing up, i was lucky enough to live in a house with randomly painted walls; one brown wall here, one orange one there. she even had the matching tupperware, realy 70's like. it was proper odd, and it was like that for the best part of the last thirty years until recently when she finally repainted her house.

i digress. i love pastels, and the majority of my house is adorned in florals, and soft colours, and chintzy patterns, and that's the way i love it. except recently... i've noticed a change in my interior tastes in particular. which...is annoying as i've put a lot of time and effort (and... some money... some) into getting my flat looking "just right". this change in my taste can be narrowed down to one thing: my unhealthy obsession with...

mad men. 

the interior scenes throughout sixties new york are totally swoon-worthy. from the offices of don draper to his suburban home, and later to his manhattan apartment, each room is perfectly curated with pieces that take the audience on a trip down memory lane. at least once an episode i'm sat exclaiming "my mum had one of those!", or boyfriend saying "my nan had one of those!"

so, now i'm smitten and reconsidering my decor. i'm usually a cath kidston girl, but am slowly (under duress and peer pressure from my friends. looking at you, kim + donna) coming around to orla kiely and her long stem patterns - especially when i discovered these cushions in her living room! and suddenly, i don't find a citrus shade so offensive to the eye...

i love a walnut stain and an angled leg - that's not unusual. but suddenly i'm coming around to new colours and prints, and it's making my head whirl. the only thing missing from this set is a gorgeous, retro rug...we have horrible navy carpet at home, and nuheeed something bright and cheerful to break up the awful, dark carpet. what i'd really like is to rip that carpet up and replace with something lovely from carpetright's laminate flooring range. that would be ideal. until then, the rug would be a nice compromise.

but first, i need to get that sofa in my life.
isn't it a beaut?

*post written in collaboration with brand. all thoughts are my own*

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  1. I love pastels as well, sometimes more than primaries too...they have grown on me a lot over the winter. That sofa is awesome...have a great weekend doll, love the layout :) xx

  2. thanks! spur of the moment change that i'm really loving (so far!). that sofa is undeniably perfect.
    have a lovely weekend x

  3. Ugh. Mid-century modern is my jam. If I had the money to completely furnish my house in the style I would. I suppose it'll be a piece by piece kinda thing. My dining set is a mid-century modern table I snagged at a vintage shop last year for a steal but pieces can be hard to come by if you want to be cheap like me!! I completely support your house decor redesign :p

  4. oh, tell me about it! the amount of awesome pieces we've upcycled from charity shops or boot sales is incredible!

  5. I knew the peer pressure would pay off. We have taught you well.


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