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14 February 2014

the brit pack presents // w.i.w.t :: va-va-valentine!

after the success that was the recent 'brit pack gives back' campaign from your friendly neighbourhood british bloggers, we decided to (keep calm and) carry on the tradition; once a month we're going to come together to bring you a themed 'brit pack presents' post, and this months, obviously, is all about valentine's day!...

viv's :: gift from a friend // necklace + earrings :: punky pins // dress :: new look // tights :: primark

well hello, lovers! a happy valentine's day to you all!

when my belated christmas pressie from wee polka dot pinky arrived in the post last week from punky pins, i knew it was a sign. the necklace was the exact match of the earrings that kimmy bought me for my birthday last year, and i had picked these red tights up recently to, knowing i'd save them for a valentine's day outfit - it was all coming together! i hunted through my wardrobe for something simple to wear; all the accessories spoke for themselves, so lovely lace was clearly the answer (it's always the answer)... but i was stuck on shoes. i pulled out all the shoes i owned, and as i was in the bottom of my wardrobe, i had a light bulb moment. *ding!*

this outfit calls for vivienne westwood.

my mua pal stephanie gave me these - her "back up" wedding shoes ("who has vivienne westwood as a back up?" i hear you ask. well never fear for she wore viv's on the day, just much cuter (and more comfortable) ones. so, lucky me!) when i visited her back in october, and (short of my own wedding..?) i was saving them for something "special". failing that, this outfit would have to do; i adore how it's all come together!

now i just need somewhere to wear my heart-felt outfit... boyfriend?
don't forget to check out all the valentine's post from my brit pack pals below!

whatever your plans are today; wallowing in misery alone, being wined and dined or spending the day with lovely pals, i hope you have a wonderful time doing it... and if nothing else, happy friday to you all!

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  1. Looking lovely! Punky Pins sell such cute jewellery, I fancy the lock and key necklace that they have x

  2. You look gorgeous doll, love this look...of course the shoes ;-) Never heard of punky pins..but I am on my way to look now!! I hope you have a marvellous Valentine's Day doll xx

  3. Those shoes! Wow, absolutely adore them you lucky girl!

  4. Such an adorable little Valentine's inspired outfit.
    I just purchased my first pair of VW's (the blush colored cherry ones) I was going to wear them for my wedding and changed my mind, so I love seeing how people outfit theirs! So cute!


  5. You have the Vivienne Westwood shoes of my dreams! <3 Love this outfit, you're right the necklace totally was a sign! xx

  6. Oh my god! Everything about this outfit is lovely! Necklace, shoes, dress. fab x


  7. I've never quite taken the plunge for a pair of these shoes, but I'm tempted - especially with all of the Valentine's posts I've seen them in lately!


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