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16 February 2014

review // origins ginzing energy-boosting moisturizer

this gunk has slowly been introduced into my 'skin care regime' over the last few weeks, and i'm ever so glad about it. i'm not really sure that 'regime' is the right word to use in order to reference what it is i irregularly do to my skin, but it's the word we're going with for the purposes of this post.
i was lucky enough to receive this pot of goop back in january with my #AlproAM smoothie kit - i suppose because it claims to re-energize skin, etc. which i suppose is what people want alongside their morning power-plant smoothies, right? well, in any case, i one day saw it staring at me from my dresser and thought "why the hell not?" and slapped it on.
at first, just a smidgy bit under the puffy eyes and top of my cheeks where i could do with more sleep and less age and definitely some energy, and over time, more so everywhere on my face covered in skin. this little wonder gunk been is applied on the mornings i remember to, and i happen to think on those particular mornings i look less haggard, tired and generally as aged as i tend to look when i don't use it.
how's that for an award-winning review?
use it, if you have it. i like it.

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  1. I love the Origins moisturisers, they smell gorgeous


  2. i've heard so many good things about origins moisturisers but I'm yet to try one. want! x


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