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28 February 2014

charmed, i'm sure

i've said it before, and i'll say it again; i'm not really a jewellery-wearing kind of girl. i have lots of it - fancy earrings and rings and necklaces all from loved ones on important birthdays, but i don't ever wear any of them - especially bangles or bracelets. i get really claustrophobic when wearing wrist jewellery... like my hand is under attack and it gets too tight to function properly... i'm sure it's mostly all in my head. i hope.

when i lived in new zealand, someone bought me a pandora bracelet for a birthday or a christmas - i can't quite remember who did, or what for, but what i do remember is that for every birthday and christmas thereafter, i was nearly always gifted a new charm for the bracelet. it was an easy out, for sure, but something i genuinely looked forward to receiving. why? because each charm i collected had its own story to tell, and then when combined with the rest of the charms on the bracelet, helped to tell another story. my story.

bracelet + charms c/o argento

all in all i'd collected over ten charms for my bracelet, each of them with a really emotional tale to tell. a first valentine's rose, the mother of pearl from the mother-in-law, the koru - the new fern leaf, representing new life, and my new home. my favourite was probably the tiny aeroplane that my friends had given me at my going away as i was leaving for melbourne. there are pictures of me opening that charm, with total cry face. that particular charm had a lot of sentimental value...it was a hard decision for me to leave new zealand, and that bracelet held a lot of great memories, stories and - frankly, value. those things aren't cheap.

sadly, a few months into living in melbourne that bracelet was stolen from me. from a locked flat, with secure entrance and high fences. it wasn't just me affected by the theft either; my two flatmates at the time each had one truly valuable item taken from each of them too - an iphone (in the box still) and a dslr camera (with an sd card full of holiday memories) were taken too. in broad daylight, while i was at work. strangely on a day that i didn't go home for lunch, which was rare... i have a theory about who would do such a thing; steal someone's most valued and valuable possessions, but as i have no evidence, it stands to reason i never got it back.

i cried about that for days. it was a really personal attack.

so, when my pal sally asked if i'd quite like to start myself a new charm collection with the help of her and the charm experts at argento, well... yes, yes i would. stocking brands like thomas sabo and my babe pandora - as well as a host of their own in the charmed collection i know i'm in safe hands. my biggest problem now is... which one to get next?

they kindly sent over a new bracelet to begin again, and helped kick start the collection with this teeny tiny big ben charm - a momento of my london home. with charms that include just about everything your heart desires, there's definitely a dozen more 'terribly me' charms to get collecting. i'm now debating which next to add to the bracelet - the strawberry or the english rose...

drawing pinspiration from their mood boards on pinterest is going to be the end of me.
which is your favourite from the argento charm collection?

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  1. It makes me so sad that someone would steal your pandora! My eternal fear of robbers is the biggest reason that I wear my most valuable jewellery every day an barely ever take it off. I really love that charm bracelet though! I have a Pandora and I'm thinking that when it's full I might have to buy another or get a traditional charm bracelet because I love that I can use it to celebrate moments in my life. xx

  2. Shame someone had stole your bracelet...people are terrible really. These bracelet is really lovely. I hope you have a great weekend x

  3. Here's to lots of little stories to collect and wear around your wrist my sweets, x

  4. can't wait to start story telling! x

  5. people are horrible, doll! well, some. you're lovely! xx

  6. that was my favourite part; each charm had its own story to tell... sad times! x

  7. So lovely tell a story by the charms you wear. I loved visiting your blog. Have a great weekend.

    Lisa x

  8. Someone stole your bracelet? That's rubbish! Sorry to hear it but so happy that you got a freebie that is gonna try and fill the gap :) The universe works in mysterious ways!


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