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10 February 2014

supermarket savers // part two :: sensational soup

recently i was approached by debt free direct to participate in a supermarket challenge they were running; they want to work out if buying supermarket branded electrical goods is a good way to save money, and whether or not they stack up against their big-name counterparts. with the challenge set, the first item i tested was a toasted sandwich machine, and the results were positive! would it be the same for the second item i was asked to try out as alternative to a brand-name product; a hand held totem blender* from sainsbury's...

now, i've never had one of these so i can't really say how it fares in comparison to the big name brands, but what i can tell you is, it works a bloody treat. before this hand blender, making soup was a chore - although i didn't know it. before this hand blender, making soup took so much effort, and i didn't realise it.

this hand blender has saved me a lot of time and effort.

i simmered some spring onion, leeks and potatoes in a big pot for a few minutes before adding some veggie stock and bringing to the boil. after maybe an hour, i whipped out the hand blender, and literally, blended everything together with a dew short pulses of pure magic. i added some creme fraiche, and wazzed it up some more. slightly thick, i added some hot water, and blended for the final time.

it removed the majority of the lumps, blended the flavours effortlessly, and made mince meat of my soup (not literally, ew). i looked online and this blender retails for less than £15 which has me screaming barrrgaaain and wondering how i ever lived my life without it before now. do you know?

if you're in the market - or even if you're not, you won't be sorry if this becomes part of your kitchen kit.

*item sent for review - for more money saving advice, check out debt free direct's blog for updates*

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  1. That's a bargain at £15! I have a Braun hand blender and spent twice that. I sometimes worry that supermarket own brand items won't be as good but clearly they are :)

  2. This is a really interesting experiment, I have been lusting after a KitchenAid for so long, but reaslistically, I'd be better off getting a cheaper make which I'm sure would be just as good.

  3. Hand blenders are the best thing ever! I have a branded one, and even those are still pretty cheap. I think mine was $30 or less. Glad you liked it!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  4. I been a user of sainsburys hand held electric whisk which was bought for £6...best thing ever! whipping things up to a "fluffy peak" has never been so easy now! My father who is a home chef despite having a several hundred pound kitchenaid mixer, uses his sainsburys whisk asfter seeing how well i got on with mine...he loves it!

  5. I could really do with a hand blender (actually didn't know such things existed) for making curry sauces and pastes seeing as our big blender leeks everywhere. I'm all for cheap versions though, I don't have a food mixer so I even just bake using a hand mixer - that and the old school way of elbow grease and a wooden spoon.


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