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22 December 2014

alice's adventures in wonderland

if you get a chance to see christopher wheeldon's"alice's adventure in wonderland" at the royal opera house, then i sincerely pray you do. charlotte had the wonderfulness in her heart to invite me to join her at last week's live relay of the performance at vue piccadilly - one of 1300 cinemas globally that televised the night's show, simultaneously, across the world. pretty cool, huh?

i'd never been the to ballet before - the opera briefly (if you recall), and so was a bit worried i'd "not enjoy it" the way that i'd "not enjoyed" the opera. but, i can hand on heart say that it was epic. the costumes, the story, the dancing, were all so beautiful, and told such a brilliant version of an old classic, that we were literally sat on the edge of our seats for the whole performance.

which was really, really long, but was thoughtfully catered with a selection of delicious miniature cakes from "the alice afternoon tea" fresh from the royal opera house, which totaaaaally helped. plus, there was a caterpillar...and he was really hot.

and if that's reason enough to go along, then i don't know why we're friends.

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