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13 December 2014

god's own junkyard at the lights of soho

chris bracey's "god's own junkyard" is back at lights of soho for a limited time in the run up to christmas. ben and i stumbled upon it last saturday as we were headed to el camion on brewer street. i've wanted to check out the junkyard in walthamstow for such a long time after seeing the pop up in berwick street a few years back - again, randomly, so when i saw that it was back in central, i was pretty excited.

chris bracey had been the neon man for almost 40 years before his untimely passing early last month, and had been renowned for creating neon artwork originally for the soho sex shop industry, and later moving into cinema; the junkyard features retired and reworked pieces of neon art, set props and treasured signs. if you love a random wander in the heart of london, check out the pop up in the 'lights of soho' while you can. aim for later in the day when the sun's set and the artwork is in its full glory.

the pieces are mesmerising, and will honestly leave you smiling.

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  1. Oh wow! I love, love these pieces! I'm a big fan of Neon artworks, like Tracey Emin & apparently now this guy. Awesome photo's. Awesome 'wrong way' sign.




  2. I love neon signs! You do so much fun stuff :)


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