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23 December 2014

wish lusting

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so, i don't know if you heard or not, but last week was not the one for me. yes, it started with an overseas holiday - but, and overseas holiday that started with a super-delayed flight, and it just totally didn't end there. after an unsuccessful christmas market trip, i somehow managed to leave my luggage on the stansted express at liverpool street, and not realise i'd done that until i walked in the front door of my flat... in south east london. i've called and called and emailed and visited the lost property office, and over a week later, it hasn't turned up.

(it doesn't even end there! when i got home i was so flustered that i fell down the stairs in my flat and sat on the bottom step and cried into my beanie while my flatmate stared on. over a week later, i have a purple bruise the size of my hand on my asssss)

i can't be mad at anyone but myself. i love passing the blame, but in this instance, i just can't. and, i've come to terms with the fact that i have lost some of my favourite things. like the nars blusher and real techniques brushes i got for christmas last year. is there anything worse than having to replace something you didn't buy in the first place? yes there is. having to replace a whole heap of shit that you didn't think you'd have to replace, ever.

so, in my window-shopping, pre-christmas-sale haste, i have... mentally replaced everything i lost, with the pretty pastel things above. this is step one. i reckon as soon as i actually start to replace my stuff, it will all turn up. please send hope my way. and maybe also that dress. long live the sales!

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