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5 December 2014

w.i.w.t | on fridays we wear pink

designer glasses c/o glasses direct | tee : primark | skirt : river island | boots : asos

news just in: i got more new glasses. and, i've been actual wearing them, like every day. not just at work, but like, all the time. and, it's like life is now being viewed in high def. it's incredible! my work glasses are massive, and are clear on the inside so they're comfy and i mostly forget i'm wearing them. these are more of a delicate frame, and black-rimmed on the inside too, so they've taken a little while to get used to, but i'm getting there!

plus, the subtle retro frame is totally fetch, right? which (nice segue) makes them the perfect accessory for my new favourite tee shirt! we all know i'm not a tee-shirt girl, but when primark released their mean girls range, i had no choice. except, well, i couldn't find any of the range in any of my local primarks. cue sadness! but then, on a particularly grey and dreary wednesday, ben surprised me with the "you can't sit with us" version, and my world made sense again!

makes sense to only wear it with pink now, right? right.

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  1. These glasses look wonderful on you! Hooray for being able to see clearly! I can see why this is your new favorite shirt too. I love it paired with the pink skirt. So perfect!

    Jamie | www.petitepanoply.com


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