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4 December 2014

guide | gifts for him

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earlier in the week i shared my christmas wish list, aka gift guide for girls, aka no but really, it's a wish list so buy me all the things. today, let's talk about what to buy for him. whether your token him is your other half, your brother, a dad figure or just you best pal, i reckon there's something here for everyone. and i mean, boys are pretty easy to buy for anyway, right? socks and booze is all they ever need or want, in my experience.

for your token funny him, this ugly christmas (or hunnukah, if he's that way inclined) jumper from tipsy elves is sure to please. except i just noted it's now sold out. try the santa claws one instead. for your sensible and grown up him, there's nothing about the masculine scent of mr. boss that won't make his christmas morning happy. he's not a aftershave kind of guy? no worries, the range of 'crown joules' pants from joules would make the perfect gift for him this year.

your him is a no muss, no fuss kinda guy? easy. he's the absolute easiest one to buy for; food and drink is all  he wants. a case of craft beers or a novelty hip flask will keep his boozy dreams alive, while a book on a couple of his favourite things will have him inspired to cook (or at least, take you out somewhere nice) for the few days following christmas for sure.

and finally, the special him in your life; whether it be your dad, brother, better half - whichever, this year he probably deserves something a bit more... thoughtful, right? he's had a tough year, he's likely helped you out of a few pickles, and so you probably really want to give his those special feels this christmas. the free me bluetooth speaker from pioneer is just the thing. he can take it to tennis, to the club, out on his yacht, and it will connect easy peasy to his smart phone. totally clever, totally portable. totally awesome... you'll definitely win gift-giver of the year award with this one!

now tell me, what are you getting your him this christmas? what have i missed?

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  1. love the hip flask. I dont need one or would make any use of it but its cuuute. In case Santa asks x

  2. Great gift guide! That jumper is amazing - my boyfriend's friend has it :) x


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