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3 December 2014

#gigvember | the gaslight anthem at ally pally

number three for the month, and my first at ally pally. ever. as in, i'd never been there before, and had no idea how to get there, but trusted rebekah's intel that we should get the train from king's cross and walk a little bit up the hill. we got the train, but walked about fifteen minutes in the frosty winter air rather than take the shuttle bus because... well, because we thought it would be quicker to walk. it wasn't. the bus passed us on the way up.

we were about an hour early for the show, so we hit the bar...and the photobooth. because living. after that, all i remember is needing to wee - a lot, drinking more than i should have, and too many people talking during my favourite songs. oh, and stopping for a wee twice in the five minutes before we left, as well as at king's cross and liverpool street on the journey back. yeeeep. old lady bladder is old.

honestly though, i saw these boys play a couple of years ago as well - after handwritten came out, and really enjoyed them live then. they're a terrific live band, easily one of the best i've seen. they're always tight, keep the chat to a minimum, and give the punters what they want. and, it was nice to be at a nice, adult gig for once, and also nice to not be the oldest in attendance. ha. if you like yourself some mellow, classic rock, then get involved with the gaslight anthem. you're welcome.

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  1. They were so good weren't they? Bloody love em!! x


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