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29 December 2014

kettner's | the orphans do dinner

last sunday night, the girls and i got together for one final dinner before we each went our separate ways for christmas; with ani and dav back in new zealand for the holidays, bex and i at the lakes house, and hobbs and elpee doing their own things with other london kids, this was the last chance for us to exchange gifts and celebrate our orphan's christmas as best as our psuedo tradition allowed.

we had reservations at kettner's on romilly street in the heart of soho, and we each arrived laden with gifts. bex and i had agreed to save our gifts for each other until the real christmas day, but there were gifts for and from everyone else to keep us busy! to say these girls spoil me, is an understatement.

with a bottle of wine to kick us off, and the house burger and hand cut chips to keep me full until my incredible dessert - i mean, there is no way i *needed* the sticky toffee pudding, but... i will never say no to peanut butter ice cream or toffee popcorn, so. how i felt *after* dinner can only be described as "painful" and "uncomfortable", and well and truly "full".

worth it to spend some quality time with some quality birds? most definitely. 

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