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3 April 2015

my easter bunny bonanza

by the time you read this, i will already be gone. not dead, just... out of london. yesterday, a group of friends and i boarded a train headed to st. austell, cornwall, for the easter long weekend. what my friends didn't know was that i arranged a wee chocolate bunny bonanza for us all once we get there, all thanks to my secret chocolate spy over at lindt towers who sent me some sneaky golden treats for us all to indulge in this weekend.

chocolate haul c/o lindt

i think i was most excited by the discovery of the white chocolate gold bunny and the new strawberries and cream white shell eggs that also feature my absolute fave lindt balls within... it's like lindt have personalised their easter range especially for me! i also noted the gold bunny comes in a hazelnut and a dark chocolate range now too - all news to me. i'd always just assumed the bunnies - as with the bears - were milk chocolate. nope! they're not! 

the only trouble with having a four-person-strong supply of chocolate bunnies and hard-shell eggs is that... i somehow have to transport them down to the coast with me, and without my friends knowing. the boxes are not small, by any measure, so my only option is to pack them away inside my carry on luggage, and then take a backpack for the weekend too and let my mates think i can't pack for shit, or just pull out the "i didn't know what to pack" card. reckon they'll believe me? i'll keep you posted.

here's to a chocolate-fuelled easter spent by the sea!
happy easter to you too :)

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  1. Good luck with your secret mission! I left buying my Easter treats a little late this year so missed out on getting a white bunny :(


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