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11 April 2015

wishlist | april showers bring may flowers

right now, i am sitting in bed, listening to the rain pelt down, and wonder if i even care that the rain has potentially dampened (pun) my weekend plans. do i care? well, no, not really. i am exhausted from last weekend's travelling holiday, a long-but-short week back at work, being out late every night this week, and - if i'm honest, i'm in desperate need of some 'me time'. so really, it raining outside is kind of the perfect excuse to stay in, do some chores, and get on top of all the personal admin i've let fall by the wayside.

it's also the perfect opportunity to window shop for wet-weather gear that i probably won't need again for some time, but nevertheless could definitely do with today. confession time: i don't own an umbrella. i always think that, in a way, if i buy and umbrella then london has won, and i won't allow that. that, and umbrellas are totally awkward and annoying to hold and pretty much the worst accessory you could ever want or need, and so no. i will not buy one. today though, when it's actually still pretty warm, and i definitely don't need my hooded coat from winter, i suppose an umbrella would certainly come in handy.

that, and some wellies. i have a short ankle-length pair that were totally cheap, made of some ridiculous plastic material, making them totally uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, and this rain is making me rethink my wet-weather footwear. last winter i essentially wore the same pair of boots for the full six months between autumn and winter, and i literally wore holes in them to the point of replacing them twice. three pairs of the same boots - had i just had a comfortable, good quality pair of rain boots, i might not have had to do that? hindsight, eh.

i hear the sun is planning to pop out today; maybe i'll wait for that and then leave the house. in the meantime, i feel like i have created the perfect outfit for today... all i need now is to be able to recreate it for today...somehow.

have a happy weekend, you lot.

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