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29 April 2015

wishlist | how to be a unicorn

step one: buy this adorable unicorn dress from sugarhill boutique because it's on sale and it's amazing. thanks to a quick scan of voucher code website voucherbin you can even nab it with a free delivery code too, making this heart-eyed dress all yours, yours, yours.

step two: ensure your hooves are suitably white and chunky like these particular hooves from river island, making all your cloud prancing effortlessly comfortable and obviously adorable.

step three: create your horn using the shimmery-est of silver scrunchies. this one from monki will only set you back a few quid, and with these pastel pink eyes to boot, your unicorn makeover is almost complete.

step four: ensure your magic is not dampened by rain with weather-proof layers as adorable as you, and invest in pastel pieces to enhance your cuteness. pink and purple leather-look accessories are the only thing totally worthy of your time, so this backpack and pleather jacket from new look will make your transformation complete.

bonus step: wear jewellery created in your likeness to encourage any neigh-sayers into believeing the unicorn realness you're serving them... and if ever in doubt, remember: "we don't believe in humans."

*this post was written in collaboration with brand*

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