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14 April 2015

w.i.w.t | what's new, pussycat(deer)?

shoes : new look | catdeer pin c/o cheekyboo emporium | dress c/o boohoo | bag : asos | belt : primark

last week i had the pleasure of introducing you to my newest favourite quirky boutique, cheekyboo emporium, and during the week i was mad with excitement when my very own catdeer pin arrived in the post; purrfectly packaged and lovingly addressed, i squealed with happiness when i pulled the pretty kitty from the sweet parcel she was packed in.

shocking my workmates - who all know my thoughts on cats - i wasted no time in popping the pin on and wearing her with pride. it was wednesday, after all, and she definitely has a touch of the pinks about her! come sunday, with sun overhead and blue skies for miles, i was keen to wear her again. this time i opted for all-pink accessories and a simple grey maxi dress to give her her day in the sun.

miss ella's kitsch kitty has been a hit; both times i've worn her now, she's made an impression. not sure if catdeer or catalope is the correct term, i've just been calling her 'pretty kitty', and everyone seems to be on board with that because... ain't she though?

oh i do heart my new kitty flavoured accessory! maybe i am for cats after all...?
don't be a crazy cat, grab yours now!

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